Announcing a new publication by Noubar Nick Pezikian: ARMENIAN RELIEF FUNDRAISING MEMORABILIA ISBN 9780975607213 by NOUBAR NICK PEZIKIAN   A comprehensive catalogue of fundraising memorabilia produced to help raise funds for the Armenian Relief efforts from 1896 to the 1930s including medals, pins and… Continue Reading

RARE Armenian Byzantium Emperor for sale- $33,000 opening bid

ARTAVASDES GOLD PIECE AT SWISS INTERNATIONAL COIN AUCTION SINCONA-NOMOS ZURICH MAY 16TH 2017 ARTAVASDUS, 742-743  BYZANTIUM EMPEROR RARE GOLD COIN Artavasdus (Artavasdes) was the governor of the Theme Armeniakon- (the Themes were “states” or territories within the vast Byzantium Empire which were overseen by… Continue Reading


ARMENIAN FACT OF THE DAY, FAMOUS ARMENIANS ARMENIAN MONARCHS OF BYZANTIUM NOVEMBER 26, 2012 TAMAR NAJARIAN As the historian P. Charanis (1959) says: “The important role played in the history of Byzantium by that talented minority, the Armenians, has been generally unrecognized.” Even though Armenia was… Continue Reading


New post on Milwaukee Armenian Community LYDIA DURNOVO by admin THIS WEEK IN ARMENIAN HISTORY (Prepared by the Armenian National Education Committee) [ANEC] BIRTH OF LYDIA DURNOVO (MAY 1, 1885) Lydia Durnovo was a Soviet Russian art historian and restorer, considered one of the… Continue Reading

New Numismatic Publication from the History Museum of Armenia: Sylloge Nummorum Byzantinorum Armenia Vol. III

The History Museum of Armenia is proud to present the long-expected book by Hasmik Hovhannisyan, a specialist in Byzantine coinage at the Numismatic Department of the HMA, representing the third volume in the series Sylloge Nummorum Byzantinorum Armenia. The catalogue is edited by Dr…. Continue Reading

How To Conserve A Hmayil Manuscript, Expert Advice From Anahit Campbell

Hmayil scrolls were used by our Armenian ancestors for many purposes. In a time before penicillin (pre-1929), how would you care for your sick loved ones? Or, how would you protect your relatives who were traveling in rough areas of the country? What tangible… Continue Reading

U.S. Embargoes Egyptian Coins among other artifacts

New rules for buying coins that come from Egypt. Collectors of Armenian coins should be aware of this. There are a number of Roman/Armenian coins which were minted in Egypt. These are highly sought after by Armenian and Ancient collectors. Be aware that the… Continue Reading

The Pazyryk Carpet – Revisiting an Armenian Carpet from 550 BC

  How old is the oldest woven carpet in the world and who wove it?   In the early 20th century the finest historical rugs came from the 16th century. That was all changed in 1949, when a carpet was found in a frozen grave… Continue Reading

ANAS presents at ACOM’s Voski Ashoun in St. Paul, MN

On September 24, 2016 Dr Hajinian spoke to a crowd of 30 people at the Armenian Cultural Organization of Minnesota’s Voski Ashoun celebration. The hour long talk covered ancient coins, manuscripts, Urartians metalwork, rugs and needlepoint with a lot of questions from the audience…. Continue Reading

SAS Mourns the Loss of Hrachya Tamrazyan (Director of the Matenadaran)

(Tamrazyan with Dr. Hajinian and Dr. Saryan) HRACHYA TAMRAZYAN, 1953-2016 The Society for Armenian Studies mourns the passing of Hrachya Tamrazyan, Director of the Matenadaran, poet, scholar and publisher; and a colleague whom many of us have known and worked with. Hrachya Tamrazyan was… Continue Reading