From Noubar Pezikian: “Dear ANAS members, as 2018 draws to an end I would like to gift the Armenian community around the world a free online edition to the book, “ARMENIAN RELIEF FUNDRAISING MEMORABILIA” which I published last year. By increasing its readership we… Continue Reading

Australian WWI Fundraising Badges- “Servia Syria Armenia”

Written by N. Pezikian —  July 1 2016. In January 2015, on the eve of the centenary of the Armenian Genocide, I stumbled on eBay a tin badge inscribed “Servia Syria Armenia”. This chance discovery led me to write an article on this badge… Continue Reading

RARE $50,000 estimate Gold Levon I coin at CNG Triton XIX

Extremely Rare Armenian Gold Issue Ex Araratian Collection Published by Nercessian Triton XIX, Lot: 2229. Estimate $50000.  Sold for $40,000 plus auction fee of approx. $8,000 ARMENIA, Cilician Armenia. Royal. Levon I. 1198-1219. AV Half Tahekan (19.5mm, 2.46 g, 11h). Levon enthroned facing, holding… Continue Reading