by Stepan Koncha The Parthian Empire was thriving from 237 BCE to 228 CE. Just like other kingdoms, the Parthians (modern Iran) minted their coins. Starting with Mithridates II, who reigned from 123 to 88 BCE, his coins and the coins of his successors… Continue Reading

CoinWeek Ancient Coin Series: Ancient Coinage of Armenia

COINWEEK recently published a nice overview of Armenian coins, their history, and value. You can read the article here.

RARE Armenian Byzantium Emperor for sale- $33,000 opening bid

ARTAVASDES GOLD PIECE AT SWISS INTERNATIONAL COIN AUCTION SINCONA-NOMOS ZURICH MAY 16TH 2017 ARTAVASDUS, 742-743  BYZANTIUM EMPEROR RARE GOLD COIN Artavasdus (Artavasdes) was the governor of the Theme Armeniakon- (the Themes were “states” or territories within the vast Byzantium Empire which were overseen by… Continue Reading


ARMENIAN FACT OF THE DAY, FAMOUS ARMENIANS ARMENIAN MONARCHS OF BYZANTIUM NOVEMBER 26, 2012 TAMAR NAJARIAN As the historian P. Charanis (1959) says: “The important role played in the history of Byzantium by that talented minority, the Armenians, has been generally unrecognized.” Even though Armenia was… Continue Reading

New Numismatic Publication from the History Museum of Armenia: Sylloge Nummorum Byzantinorum Armenia Vol. III

The History Museum of Armenia is proud to present the long-expected book by Hasmik Hovhannisyan, a specialist in Byzantine coinage at the Numismatic Department of the HMA, representing the third volume in the series Sylloge Nummorum Byzantinorum Armenia. The catalogue is edited by Dr…. Continue Reading

U.S. Embargoes Egyptian Coins among other artifacts

New rules for buying coins that come from Egypt. Collectors of Armenian coins should be aware of this. There are a number of Roman/Armenian coins which were minted in Egypt. These are highly sought after by Armenian and Ancient collectors. Be aware that the… Continue Reading

Anaheim ANAS/ANRO/ANQ Meeting: New friends, new antiquities

The  “California” branch of the ANAS/ANRO put on a wonderful program and dinner. We must thank Aram Manasaryan, Sarkis Kilimjian, Armen Nercissiantz and Andranik Grihikian for their planning and hard work to put this meeting together. On August 11th, Armenian coin and antiquities collectors… Continue Reading

Monumental New Book “Armenian Coinage in the Classical Period” by Frank L. Kovacs

An Important New Work on Armenian Coinage. It has been almost 30 years since a well researched and organized book on the early Armenian kings has been published. This is by far the most complete to date. Frank Kovacs has created a numismatic masterpiece…. Continue Reading

Anaheim Convention, Aug. 11, 2016

The ANAS IN CONJUNCTION WITH the American Numismatic Associations ANNOUNCES Our Anaheim, California Meeting August 11th, 2016 The Anaheim Convention Center At the Capistra AB Room 1pm-4pm Dinner to Follow at Mortons Steakhouse 6:30 cocktails, 7:00 Dinner   Two major events: Presentation of the… Continue Reading

New site selling modern Armenian coins for more information contact ANAS member: Kristapor Harutyunian <>