Բարի գալուստ, Բարի՜ եկաք, Welcome! The Society is made up of individuals and institutions that have a desire to spread the wonderful historical knowledge of the Armenian people through their artifacts throughout the ages. This includes, but is not limited to: numismatic coins, medals,… Continue Reading

New Numismatic Publication from the History Museum of Armenia: Sylloge Nummorum Byzantinorum Armenia Vol. III

The History Museum of Armenia is proud to present the long-expected book by Hasmik Hovhannisyan, a specialist in Byzantine coinage at the Numismatic Department of the HMA, representing the third volume in the series Sylloge Nummorum Byzantinorum Armenia. The catalogue is edited by Dr…. Continue Reading

How To Conserve A Hmayil Manuscript, Expert Advice From Anahit Campbell

Hmayil scrolls were used by our Armenian ancestors for many purposes. In a time before penicillin (pre-1929), how would you care for your sick loved ones? Or, how would you protect your relatives who were traveling in rough areas of the country? What tangible… Continue Reading

Anaheim ANAS/ANRO/ANQ Meeting: New friends, new antiquities

The  “California” branch of the ANAS/ANRO put on a wonderful program and dinner. We must thank Aram Manasaryan, Sarkis Kilimjian, Armen Nercissiantz and Andranik Grihikian for their planning and hard work to put this meeting together. On August 11th, Armenian coin and antiquities collectors… Continue Reading

Monumental New Book “Armenian Coinage in the Classical Period” by Frank L. Kovacs

An Important New Work on Armenian Coinage. It has been almost 30 years since a well researched and organized book on the early Armenian kings has been published. This is by far the most complete to date. Frank Kovacs has created a numismatic masterpiece…. Continue Reading

Y. T. Nercessian’s new Book “Metrology of Copper Coinage of Sophene and Armenia”

Y. T. has done it again. His intense research has produced a must have book on the weights and in some cases the diameters  and the  die axis of over 168 very rare coins of the Armenian kingdom of Sophene and over 3000 coins… Continue Reading


RUBEN VARDANYAN has published through the Yerevan History Museum of Armenia, a treatise on the coins of the first Cilician Armenian king, Levon I, the Magnificent. The first volume of catalogues on the Cilician Armenian coins kept in the History Museum of Armenia is… Continue Reading