Article Submission Guidelines

We want to publish your articles! In order to help us do that, here are some guidelines that will make the process go more smoothly.

1.) Keep it (relatively) brief.

We ask that you limit your submission to 2,000 words.

2.) Send us up to 5 images.

Not every article needs 5 images. If you only have 2 or 3, that’s okay. But no more than 5, please.

3.) Tell us where to insert the images.

When you copy/paste your article into the submission form, please add “Insert Image 2” within the post, for example, so that we know where to insert each image.

4.) Keep the formatting simple.

If you write your article using Microsoft Word and then copy/paste it into the submission form, please don’t use columns, bullet points, or any other word processing features. These do not copy/paste very well into the final article.

5.) Simplify your footnotes.

If you use footnotes please don’t use the Microsoft Word footnote feature. Just cite the footnote within the article [1] (like that) and then add the notes at the bottom of your article.

[1] Like this.