Y. T. Nercessian’s new Book “Metrology of Copper Coinage of Sophene and Armenia”

Y. T. has done it again. His intense research has produced a must have book on the weights and in some cases the diameters  and the  die axis of over 168 very rare coins of the Armenian kingdom of Sophene and over 3000 coins of Ancient Armenia Major. The book is over 130 pages and builds on the work of the late Numismatist Emeritus,  Paul Bedoukian.  Y. T. has tirelessly researched museums, private collection and auction catalogues to find and produce this impressive work of art. We are unaware of anyone who has, up to this point presented or studied such a vast number of coins. Like his protege’s work in Armenia, Ruben Vardanyan’s recent book ( see books on our site), IMG_4398IMG_4400IMG_4401

we are very grateful for Y.T.’s time and sacrifice to produce this book. The ANAS is proud to display it and encourages all collectors to make it part of their Numismatic library. We wish him a must needed rest. Job well done.

The book can be purchased for $40 from the Armenian Numismatic Society, 8511 Beverly Place, Pico Rivera, California, 90660-1920  email inquiries can be sent to  Y. T.  at  [email protected]IMG_4402

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