Բարի գալուստ, Բարի՜ եկաք, Welcome! The Society is made up of individuals and institutions that have a desire to spread the wonderful historical knowledge of the Armenian people through their artifacts throughout the ages. This includes, but is not limited to: numismatic coins, medals,… Continue Reading

The Pazyryk Carpet – Revisiting an Armenian Carpet from 550 BC

  How old is the oldest woven carpet in the world and who wove it?   In the early 20th century the finest historical rugs came from the 16th century. That was all changed in 1949, when a carpet was found in a frozen grave… Continue Reading

Join the Armenian Rug Society http://www.armenianrugssociety.com

http://www.armenianrugssociety.com.  A great place to learn and collect.

Extremely Rare Orphan Rug

One Hundred Year old Armenian Orphan Rug: A Silent Voice Speaks   The poets give voice to inanimate objects. In this case an extremely rare oriental, hand woven wool rug crosses one hundred years of time and brings a poetic message: “To Mrs and… Continue Reading