September 16, 2019

Armenian Antiques Roadshow Hits Glendale on October 5th

GLENDALE, CA–The Hamazkayin Western Region Executive Board and local chapters have teamed up with the Armenian Numismatic and Antiquities Society (ANAS) to present the Armenian Antiques Roadshow in Glendale on Saturday, October 5. The event will be held from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm at the Glendale Adult Recreation Center at 201 E Colorado Street, and is being organized to support the Armenian American Museum.

The purpose of the Armenian Antiques Roadshow is to encourage people to reconnect with their Armenian heritage with an event full of history through coins, books, manuscripts, rugs, and other antique artifacts. There will be a series of “show and tell” presentations by experts and private collectors, as well as an opportunity for people to bring their own Armenian antiques to have them verbally appraised.

There is no charge to attend the event, but a nominal donation is requested for appraisals. Community members are encouraged to bring in their items to learn more and reconnect with their ancient heritage.

“We’re excited to find people that share our passion and interest in Armenian history, culture, and heritage. I’m proud to be part of a group of individuals–crusaders, really–that are trying in their own way and capabilities to preserve Armenian history,” exclaims Jacque Armoudikian, who is president of Hamazkayin’s Baruyr Sevag chapter from the San Fernando Valley. “We decided to do this event to bring awareness to our lost or stolen history, and introduce it to our community and especially the next generation that only learn about it through books. We want them to see and touch our history as well. And our board’s leadership is as dedicated to this as I am.”

The following is a list of presentations that will be held: Cilician coinage by Levon Saryan, Urartian and other ancient Armenian artifacts by Chuck Hajinian, Ancient Armenian Coin Collecting by Armen Moloian, display of artifacts related to William Saroyan, General Andranik and other notable figures by Carol Vartabedian-Gregg.

Several more presentations will be held in the afternoon: Armenian manuscripts by Gevorg Nersesyan, Ancient Armenian Coins by Sarkis Kilimjian, Roman “Armeniacus” coins and their stories by Joseph Sarkissian, and history of the Armenian Carpet and textiles by Hratch Kozibeyokian.

Antique appraisals will be done during a break in the presentations between 2:30 and 4:30 pm.

“Our mission is to bring the light of the amazing, priceless inheritance that belongs to all Armenians, but is hidden due to a lack of exposure to these remarkable items. Whatever the cause–apathy, uncertainty, life distractions–all Armenians are wealthy beyond their dreams,” says ANAS co-cofounder Chuck Hajinian. “Our ancestors have left us jewels of historical items. These items have stories to tell. At this event we want to help you hear their voice.”

Dr. Hajinian has been a passionate collector of historical items for 40 years. He serves on the board of trustees of the Armenian Museum of America in Watertown. He recently developed a deep interest in the history of the Ancient Urartu Kingdom, which became known as Armenia over the next three millennia. At the Armenian Antiques Roadshow, he will display a unique bronze bowl from 800 BC from the Urartu/Armenian King Menua, as well as miniature bronze hair pin sculptures from 700 BC. He will be talking about these items and will have them on site for viewing.

For more information about this event and how to support it, call Jacque Armoudikian at (714) 290-2994. Details such as speaker bios, silent auction items, and vendors who will have items on display including Armenian coins and jewelry are being posted regularly on the Facebook event page, available via:

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