New site selling modern Armenian coins for more information contact ANAS member: Kristapor Harutyunian <>  

King Tigrane the Great and Parthian History from V Coins

visit the V coins web site at   for a great list of coins for sale. The Parthian Shot May 6-8, 53 BC by Zachary Beasley The town of Carrhae was the site for the battle between the Parthians under Orodes II… Continue Reading

The Armenian Numismatic Society Journal now online!

The Armenian Numismatic Publications Online! The Armenian Numismatic Society’s publications are now available online. Through the generous donations and production of the Newman Numismatic Portal at Washington University. Click here to see the journals from 1986-2014!   About The Newman Numismatic Portal The goal of the… Continue Reading

New Web site will help find the Provenance for your coins

A new website by Dr. Jonas Emmanuel Flueck has been brought to our attention. For a fee, they will research auction catalogs and try and find who owned your coin before you had it. We at ANAS have not tried the service. For more… Continue Reading

RARE $50,000 estimate Gold Levon I coin at CNG Triton XIX

Extremely Rare Armenian Gold Issue Ex Araratian Collection Published by Nercessian Triton XIX, Lot: 2229. Estimate $50000.  Sold for $40,000 plus auction fee of approx. $8,000 ARMENIA, Cilician Armenia. Royal. Levon I. 1198-1219. AV Half Tahekan (19.5mm, 2.46 g, 11h). Levon enthroned facing, holding… Continue Reading

Very Rare Armenian Russia medal for sale

Attached are images of a very rare medal for sale from Armenia-Russia, the 1915 genocide. Asking price is $1200, plus shipping, from Tatevik in Armenia. Interested parties should contact me at Another example for sale on ebay is being offered now at $3500.

Y. T. Nercessian’s new Book “Metrology of Copper Coinage of Sophene and Armenia”

Y. T. has done it again. His intense research has produced a must have book on the weights and in some cases the diameters  and the  die axis of over 168 very rare coins of the Armenian kingdom of Sophene and over 3000 coins… Continue Reading


RUBEN VARDANYAN has published through the Yerevan History Museum of Armenia, a treatise on the coins of the first Cilician Armenian king, Levon I, the Magnificent. The first volume of catalogues on the Cilician Armenian coins kept in the History Museum of Armenia is… Continue Reading