The Armenian Numismatic Society Journal now online!

The Armenian Numismatic Publications Online!

The Armenian Numismatic Society’s publications are now available online. Through the generous donations and production of the Newman Numismatic Portal at Washington University.

Click here to see the journals from 1986-2014!


About The Newman Numismatic Portal

The goal of the Newman Numismatic Portal is to create the world’s most comprehensive online encyclopedia of American and Colonial coinage, currency, realia, and related correspondence and published literature. Materials from the Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society’s coin collections and supporting reference libraries will be digitized along with Washington University Libraries’ collections and made freely available to an online community of scholars and enthusiasts. 

WE at the ANAS, ANQ and the ANRO, are grateful to Leonard Augsberger for his assistance and all of those at the Newman Numismatic Portal for their Herculean efforts.

We also wish to thank Mr. Y. T. Nercessian and his board for authorizing this digitization. Now the world can view this work online. The impact on students, collectors, dealers and new people interested in Armenian Numismatics is immeasurable and will bring the light of Armenian Numismatic knowledge to the world for decades.

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