An Unpublished Civic Bronze Artaxata AD 1-2

referring to Ruben Vardanyan’s great work on Civic Bronzes AD 1-4 written in 2007 and published in the Armenian Numismatic Journal  vol.3 . the above reverse fits with the Aa. Medium Module coins. However the obverse below has a non-defined face- almost abstract stylized…. Continue Reading

Armenia Civic Bronze coin- no city mark

Nike with wings on lower left   Reverse: note the absence of the mint mark in lower left below the A1 here you can see the mint mark in lower left – a long T with an A below, P on top   Obverse… Continue Reading

Armenian King Arsames II 230 BC with rare Horse reverse

ARSAMES II KING OF SOPHENE RARE HORSE REVERSE COINS These horse coins are quite rare with the first one coming public in 2013. It is believed that 6 are now known. From Erebuni History: The horse (which can fairly be considered as one of… Continue Reading

Finding Armenian coins on the Internet

Sites:   type in ancient, search “Armenia” www.  search “Armenia”   also research “Armenia”   search “Armenia”  “coins and medals” “worldwide”  “ancient and Medieval”   search “armenia”

Rare Image of Christ on the Reverse of King Smpad Coronation Trams

The Ascension of Jesus Christ Depicted on the reverse of the Coronation Tram of King Smpad A. Saryan, Ph.D. and Charles A. Hajinian, DDS To date, numismatists have identified three (possibly four) different types of silver and billon coins of Smpad (1296-1298), king of… Continue Reading

Jesus or Mary? Figure on the left of the Coronation Trams of King Levon the First

Since these coins first appeared over 800 years ago, the image on the left has caused much discussion. Is this the image of the Virgin Mary– with a Maphorion hood and Orans hand position? Or is this the manly image of Christ? Is this… Continue Reading

King Sames — Armenian King of Sophene 260 BC

This is one of the oldest Armenian Coins in existence. There are 8 known examples with 6 being held in major museums world wide, leaving only two in private hands. This coin is bronze. It is the only known image of this famous king…. Continue Reading