ANAS Bylaws

Article I –Membership and Name


There will be four categories of membership, as follows:

– Charter Member – an individual that was a part of the formation of The Society in 2015. These members shall contribute a minimum of $100 per year.

– Member (USA) – any individual living in the United States and territories that joins this organization will be expected to provide contact information and annual dues of $25 [in 2016].

– Sustaining Member – any individual that contributes $250 or more per year [in 2016] shall be deemed a sustaining member.

– Member (outside USA) – any individual living outside the United States that joins this organization, is not expected to pay annual dues, but will still receive a copy of Armenian Numismatic Quarterly and have voting rights.

All dues paying Members should make checks out to Armenian Numismatic and Antiquities Society and mail to the address below:


c/o Dr. L. Saryan

PO Box 210313

Milwaukee, WI 53221-8006



The name of this organization shall be the Armenian Numismatic and Antiquities Society (Society), and is constituted as a not-for-profit educational society. The mission of the organization shall be the promotion of Armenian heritage and culture through the study and publication of coins, medals, tokens, paper currency, antiquities, and related artifacts. It shall provide for the needs for collectors, scholars, and historians, interested in Armenian or Armenia-related numismatic subjects, through the conduction of research, promoting public education about Armenian numismatics and related cultural topics, encouraging research and investigation into these topics, and providing authoritative and reliable assistance to members and the general public.

The Society was established on January 1, 2015.

Article II – Elected Officials

The Society shall have elected offices and titles—president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, webmaster, editor. The same individual may hold more than one title. The society shall have a Board of Governors, which shall consist of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and a single member- at large. Board members will be elected by majority vote of the members in good standing.

The Vice President shall assist the President in mutually agreed upon tasks

The duties of the President shall include the general functions of leading the organization, including maintaining, updating and growing the website. The President is responsible for paying the maintenance for the site. The President is responsible for reviewing article submitted for the website. In the absence of the president, the Vice-president shall assume these duties.

The Secretary will conduct correspondence with individuals and record the minutes of meetings. The Secretary will schedule meetings, whether in person or online, as well as answering correspondence. The Secretary helps organize the annual convention.

The treasurer shall maintain an account for the society and disburse funds as necessary to promote the society’s objectives. The treasurer shall present to the board a regular overview of assets income, and disbursements.

Offices will have a two-year duration. Every 2 years the membership may nominate others to run the ANAS board positions.

The Board of Governors, may from time to time confer special status or an award (such as Honorary Membership) on any individual who in its estimation has made a noteworthy contribution to the mission of the Society. 

Decisions shall be made by the Board of Governors by a majority vote. Depending on the matter to be decided, the Board by majority vote may choose to place the matter before the entire membership.

The annual membership dues is subject to change from year to year. The fiscal year extends from January 1 to December 31. To become a member, an interested person shall fill out an application form and submit it with a check for dues for the calendar year. Members joining after October 1 of a given year will have their first year membership extend top the end of the next calendar year.  Any member may resign upon written application to the Society.

Members are entitled to the following: hard copy subscription to the Armenian Numismatic Quarterly, notification of updates when they occur on the site, voting privileges in board member elections. Members will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping to spread knowledge of Armenian history and heritage.

Article III – Activities, Meetings & Communication

The Society shall operate a website which will function under the direction of the president or webmasterThe Society shall also publish a printed publication entitled Armenian Numismatic Quarterly, under the direction of an editor. Members may engage in communication through posts on the forum of the website, and/or by submitting articles or letters to the publication editor. Articles may be accepted from individuals who are not members.

Due to the geographical separation of the members (within the USA and overseas), it may not be practical to have routine meetings. Nevertheless the organization will attempt to hold meetings as practical, open to all members and guests, at major numismatic conventions.

Article IV – Revenue

The Society will accept financial contributions as well as dues to defray the cost of its activities. Revenues shall be used to further the causes endorsed by the society, such as the management of the website and the printing and distribution of any publications. No member of the society or other person will receive financial compensation for his/her efforts, except that legitimate expenses in pursuit of the society aims will be reimbursed.

Article V – Common Sense Laws

Article VI – Website Usage

The website is under the jurisdiction of the president and/or the webmaster. Any user of the website is prohibited to make any posts or changes that may harm the organization in any way. 

Article VII – Changes

The bylaws may be modified or amended in whole or in part by a majority vote of the executive board. A current copy will be available on the About Us page of the website. 

Article VIII – Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of the Society, the assets of the Society will be transferred to an organization which has substantially similar aims and goals.

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