The Catalogue of Armenian Relief Pins and Badges

2773About the Catalogue

The “Catalogue of Armenian Relief Pins and Badges” is an illustrated compilation of items issued during WWI to raise funds to assist in the starving and destitute people following the 1915 Armenian Genocide. The catalogue includes a total of 25 items issued from Australia, England and U.S.A.

The first published listing of Armenian Relief pins and badges was undertaken in 2001 by L.Saryan in his article, Vintage Armenian-American Pins. This article provided detailed information on nine relief items and was part of a broader topic including church, community and flag pins issued in the USA.

This catalogue focuses only on Armenian Relief pins and badges issued during the WWI. It is designed for collectors, researchers and historians. It is not is not complete, there is missing information and assumptions made where needed. The author welcomes any additional information on this subject.

All efforts have been put in place to ensure accuracy and objectivity however the author accepts that the information in this catalogue may be subject to error.

Items are listed in country of origin with each item having the following information

The item code represents R for Relief, followed by a letter representing country of origin, A for Australia, E for England and U for USA. This follows a number and a suffix to denote variety if applicable.

Each item has Year of Issue, Country of Origin, and Size in mm shown in the right column.           

In the centre section of each item the actual description as inscribed on item is displayed in bold capital letters.

Additional information is provided if applicable including Date of Issue, Organising Body, Reverse inscription, Variety details and Manufacturers details

The Notes to the Catalogue substantiate and confirm the information relevant for each item with citations, courtesies and special comments.

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The author would like to express special gratitude and appreciation to Leon Saryan for his assistance with this project.