An Unpublished Civic Bronze Artaxata AD 1-2


referring to Ruben Vardanyan’s great work on Civic Bronzes AD 1-4 written in 2007 and published in the Armenian Numismatic Journal ┬ávol.3 . the above reverse fits with the Aa. Medium Module coins. However the obverse below has a non-defined face- almost abstract stylized. There is no clear definition of the eye, eyebrow, lips and curve of nostril found on the other coins. This coin shows a hint of any eye and a large cheek. the coin is about 22mm in diameter, about 10% larger then the other Aa. module coin and may represent a larger version or struck on a larger planchet. The reverse shows the same reverse noted by the three reverse images published by Ruben. This coin has the “1” or “I” to the left of Nike and the Z “E” to the right.

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