U.S. Embargoes Egyptian Coins among other artifacts

New rules for buying coins that come from Egypt. Collectors of Armenian coins should be aware of this. There are a number of Roman/Armenian coins which were minted in Egypt. These are highly sought after by Armenian and Ancient collectors. Be aware that the… Continue Reading


The Pazyryk Carpet – Revisiting an Armenian Carpet from 550 BC

  How old is the oldest woven carpet in the world and who wove it?   In the early 20th century the finest historical rugs came from the 16th century. That was all changed in 1949, when a carpet was found in a frozen grave… Continue Reading


SAS Mourns the Loss of Hrachya Tamrazyan (Director of the Matenadaran)

(Tamrazyan with Dr. Hajinian and Dr. Saryan) HRACHYA TAMRAZYAN, 1953-2016 The Society for Armenian Studies mourns the passing of Hrachya Tamrazyan, Director of the Matenadaran, poet, scholar and publisher; and a colleague whom many of us have known and worked with. Hrachya Tamrazyan was… Continue Reading

Gathering around the award for Y. T. , Frank, Aram, Levon, Bob and Armen

Anaheim ANAS/ANRO/ANQ Meeting: New friends, new antiquities

The  “California” branch of the ANAS/ANRO put on a wonderful program and dinner. We must thank Aram Manasaryan, Sarkis Kilimjian, Armen Nercissiantz and Andranik Grihikian for their planning and hard work to put this meeting together. On August 11th, Armenian coin and antiquities collectors… Continue Reading

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Australian WWI Fundraising Badges- “Servia Syria Armenia”

Written by N. Pezikian —  July 1 2016. In January 2015, on the eve of the centenary of the Armenian Genocide, I stumbled on eBay a tin badge inscribed “Servia Syria Armenia”. This chance discovery led me to write an article on this badge… Continue Reading

Anaheim Convention, Aug. 11, 2016

The ANAS IN CONJUNCTION WITH the American Numismatic Associations ANNOUNCES Our Anaheim, California Meeting August 11th, 2016 The Anaheim Convention Center At the Capistra AB Room 1pm-4pm Dinner to Follow at Mortons Steakhouse 6:30 cocktails, 7:00 Dinner http://www.mortons.com/anaheim/   Two major events: Presentation of the… Continue Reading

King Tigrane the Great and Parthian History from V Coins

visit the V coins web site at   www.vcoins.com   for a great list of coins for sale. The Parthian Shot May 6-8, 53 BC by Zachary Beasley The town of Carrhae was the site for the battle between the Parthians under Orodes II… Continue Reading

The Armenian Numismatic Society Journal now online!

The Armenian Numismatic Publications Online! The Armenian Numismatic Society’s publications are now available online. Through the generous donations and production of the Newman Numismatic Portal at Washington University. Click here to see the journals from 1986-2014!   About The Newman Numismatic Portal The goal of the… Continue Reading